Retirement Resources
for the Massachusetts
Banking Industry
- Since 1946 -

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Complete Solutions for Retirement

CBERA provides highly-personalized retirement resources to members of Massachusetts financial institutions including banks and credit unions. CBERA offers complete and unwavering support to its members and HR personnel. CBERA’s services are available to ALL financial institutions in Massachusetts.

Four Retirement Plans

CBERA currently administers four different retirement plans. Please click "Plans" in the navigation pane or call CBERA to learn more about them.

Need Benefit Plans?

Additionally – CBEBA (CBERA’s sister organization) offers other, non-retirement benefits including: Shared Premium Plans, Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

Current Members

If you are current participant in one of the defined benefit plans and you need additional information, including estimates of benefits at retirement, please contact CBERA.

Participants seeking specific information regarding their 401k (Plan A) accounts should contact T.Rowe Price directly through this link, or by calling 1-800-922-9945.

Want More Information?

For information about CBERA and our plans, including requests for benefit estimates - contact CBERA at 781-551-8500.
Click here to submit an online information request form or click here to inquire via email.



Read about our Plan A Investment Performance

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Next Annual Meeting

To Be Announced

Pre-Retirement Seminars

2022 Pre-Retirement Seminar TBD

Annual Report

The 2021 CBERA/CBEBA Annual Report is avaible on our News page.

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Annual Filings

To review our Annual Filings please click the link to our news page below.

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