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Plan A is our multiple-employer defined contribution plan. Participants fund their Plan A accounts by deferring a percentage of their pre-tax or post-tax compensation, up to 75%, which is then invested according to each individual's goals and tolerance for risk. Employers contribute matching and/or discretionary contributions to participants' accounts.

We service over 5,000 participants, and manage over $1 billion in retirement funds.


Plan C is our multiple-employer defined benefit plan. The benefit is a promise to provide a monthly pension at retirement or a lump sum, the amount of which is determined by a formula that considers factors such as length of service and salary history. The plan is funded completely by the employers (participants do not make contributions). 


CBERA currently administers 2 large multiple-employer plans, and a number of individual plans as part of our Group Trust.

Individual Defined Benefit Plans

We also provide the full suite of retirement services for a number of individual plans that benefit from the large scale size of our CBERA Group Trust.

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